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A New Film Explores Coronavirus and it’s set to be on Netflix soon.

A New Film is taking over even during this time of fear and great pandemic. The film tells the story of how Coronavirus has taken over the world like a wildfire but also goes deep in detail on how it should rather unite the World.

According to the author, it’s a film that’s meant to change how we think of ourselves and interact with each other, especially during this time.

In the Movie, Seven people stuck in a lift. Then one coughs…

According to BBC Media Broadcast,

Corona: Fear is a Virus that tells the story of seven people trapped in a lift and the chaos that ensues when one of them starts to cough.

It’s thought to be the first film about the disease. Its Canadian director, Mostafa Keshvari, talked to the BBC’s Tom Brook.

Watch the Triller Below;

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